Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Resolutions?

& yeh, i'm gonna post them here.
i have one that's more of a goal... & one that is more of a resolution.

1. Before i got *too* pregnant, i ran my very first 10K. i was really proud of myself - i had always wanted to run, but had never gotten into a routine. i thought that maybe if i had a new, fun habit that was good for me, it would keep my mind off having babies... God tricked me - & running is likely what changed my body's rhythm enough that this baby knocked me off my feet with surprise when i found out about that precious life growing inside. By the time i found out i was pregnant, i had already registered for the race, so i decided to just go for it if i felt good enough. That morning, i didn't say in my post, but i did feel pretty gross (i was about 8 weeks pregnant) - but *so happy* to have accomplished my goal. My goal for 2010 is to run a 5k. i know, it's not a huge goal - but i wanna be gentle with my body recovering from childbirth & likely nursing 2 little ones! If i feel really good - & i think i can do it, i'll up it to a 10k... but really, i should be able to do a 5k for sure.

2. This second one - i give myself permission to welch on... (recipe for success eh?) Ever since i heard about nanowrimo, i always wanted to give it a go. i'm not sure if i can come up with a story line for a novel - much less a 50, 000 word novel written over the period of one month (the month of November)... & i'm not sure Neil would be impressed with me dedicating a huge chunk of time to a creative endeavour that is 'just for fun'... but the idea nags at me... Could i do it? Could i come up with something i was proud of? Could i write down my ideas & imaginings within the framework of a novel?

So, there you have them... my resolution & my goal. It's kind of fun to file them in my mind & wonder what 2010 will bring...


Prvbs31Mama said...

I love your goals and resolutions!! And really you are an awesome writer Paige...just remind Neil of the millions you *could* make when it becomes a bestseller...hehe

Anonymous said...
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Minerva said...

I think you can TOTALLY do the 10k, and Nanowrimo. If I could start it 10 days late and finish it, you can do it too!!! I have the utmost faith in you and your determination. :) I think part of what got me to finish my Nano project this year was when the hubby told me he didn't think I could do it. I had to prove him wrong!! LOL!!!


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