Wednesday, September 30, 2009

smarty ***** under *****

Charter: Mollen won't understand that picture, Peyton...
Mom: oh, i'm sure she will, (not ever getting to see said picture) - Mollen is a very smart little girl.
Mollen: (perks up) Yes. My teacher told me i'm the smartest kid in my class.
Charter: (half believing, half doubting...) Did she really say that to you? (Have i told you how much i love this sweet, trusting little boy?)
Mollen: (grinning) Yes. She told me, "oh, Mollen, you are sooooooo SOOOOOOO SOOOOOOO smart. You are the smartest little child in this class..."
Peyton: i don't believe you. She probably said something like this, "Mollen, you are very smart, but nothing like daahhhrling little Leah here..." (said with an english accent for effect).
Mollen: (disgusted) Leah's not in my class.
Peyton: Yeah, but you get the idea...


Stealthily, Mollen sneaks up behind Cai & pulls out the back of her jeans & glances down the behind of them.
She laughs devilishly, "i'm gonna draw a picture of your underwear & show it to EVERYONE!!"
Cairo rolls her eyes & continues with what she's doing...
Two minutes later, Mollen prances down the stairs snickering gleefully clutching a piece of paper...
Cairo takes one look & says, "Hey, my underwear aren't even..." (checks) "Oh, yeh, they are the pink ones with the green waist... good job, molls."

(Cutest. picture. ever)


deborah said...

i think that picture is a framer

Lisa said...

I love Mollen!!

Jen said...

I'm glad you are capturing these moments and writing them down, P. You and the kids are going to love reading them in 10 years!
I think I'm going to keep a journal handy so I can jot down funny things as soon as they've inspired me! :)

Anonymous said...

Paige- I want to hug Molls!!! Seriously made my day.

mamazee said...

hee hee! naughty little smarty pants!

jessica jespersen said...

tell Cairo her butt looks like a pink oven mitt. hee hee--j


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