Friday, September 4, 2009


Another poetry challenge from Minerva... if you want to read my past couple weeks' entries, you'll have to plod through her comments section :) Her poetry challenges are usually every Tuesday. i'm not even close to happy with my entry this week - kinda lame-ish 4th grade type poetry...
but o,
what a sweet feeling to realize that it was never about *me* or how good i could be... instead, it was all about Him - the One who is already perfect. So, in light of the fact that the Truth is prettier than any poetry i could write, i decided to post my poem anyway... (*background* my mom sent me a card while i was in college & all it said was 'keep looking up, beauty is everywhere'... )

"Keep looking up, Beauty is everywhere..."
i'd gone, and her voice had followed me there.
amidst the filth and void darkness around,
they lessened the burden that i had found,
& i in humbled state heard from his lair.

Echos of mercy now rang through the air.
Lies bonds, by sweet truth now beyond repair.
Free now, i stumbled towards that Great sound.
"Keep looking up."

How foolish i am! This truth i can bear!
Never about me, that lie's a snare.
Oh, Truth, free me from that bloodthirsty hound,
it's all about Him - His beauty abounds.
My eyes from Truth's garments, i cannot tear.
Beauty is everywhere.

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mamazee said...

I love this one, Paige! The first two lines just grab me :)
Beautiful! I love reading your poetry when you post it - you should always post it on your blog (or start a dedicated poetry blog) - cool to have a friend like Minerva to getcha going!


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