Tuesday, September 8, 2009

i whispered a name...

In the dimly lit bathroom, soaking in the bubble bath, with only Gage as my witness i whispered my favourite baby name.
Immediately, Gage's face turned towards me & he leaned in so close, our lips were almost touching... he whispered it back.
i like names that have significance. i don't mind names that are different, or old, or unheard of. i want your name to *mean something to me*.
It's not likely to really be your name baby, afterall, dad & i have the hardest time agreeing on names, & i want him to like your name too.. likely in the next 5 months, there will be more names whispered out loud... rolled around like a werthers in my mouth, tested & doodled & examined for beauty and purpose...
but for just an instant... saying it out loud... made me feel like you're real.


Melissa said...

So sweet... I can't wait to see what you guys end up choosing! I love the image of Gagey whispering it back to you... how sweet!!

Prvbs31Mama said...

I love the names you guys pick out! I think perhaps Neil needs to lighten up a little though, cause the names you like are beautiful!!!
I love how you turn these beautiful moments into words for the rest of us to share in!!!

Jen said...

Was the name Jen? I bet it was.... ;)

Lesley said...

Will you be whispering it here in Cyberspace? I promise to keep it to myself;-)


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