Friday, September 18, 2009

i'm losing my voice... workin it out.

Neil has been out & about & away from the house a lot in the last couple of days & that, for me, means i can play & sing without bothering anyone... well... there's my neighbours, but they don't give me dirty looks & slam shut the windows so that the sound doesn't carry... well... maybe they want to, but they're too polite.
Sometimes, when my heart is confused, i can work it all out there. & if a little one needs me, i can usually fit an extra bum or two on the bench.
i must be in the depths of confusion, because there's a lot of singing going on.
Music seems to soften my heart. It makes me more receptive to correction... it lets my heart sorrow, or laugh... or just shout...
i want my littles to see mama working it out - be it with the Bible in my hands, or in tears at the piano - or on my knees in the kitchen.
i want to set an example for them of a person who knows where the Source is... & is constantly going back for more.
When they're confused i want them to go there too... & ask for answers... & pour out their tiny soft hearts... to the Creator who loves them even more than i could ever.


Colleen said...

I, for one, am missing your "working it out" at the piano with the windows open so that all the neighbors can hear :-)

Leah said...

me too Paige :) your neighbors are blessed to be able to eavesdrop on your conversations with the Creator!!!

Prvbs31Mama said...

I wish I lived next door so I could be blessed with the music!!!
I hear ya on "working things out" on the's such an emotional release for me...

The Nieboer News said...

agree! I think mom's long ago felt they had to "keep it all together" and not show any signs of weakness. The truth is though, we are all weak and need to get our strength from the proper Source!

My girls found me on the floor in tears last week. I was listening to the radio and a certain song just brought me to my knees. I couldn't 'keep it together'. Sadly (and proudly) I can say, they are getting used to it :)

jessica jespersen said...

Was leading worship at the ladie's ministries kick off brunch this am and thinking about how Curt calls my piano time "yelling and banging" on the piano. It's so worth it, no matter how many windows to the house get closed, who gets kept up late at night listening to the loud pounding/'s for Him and He loves it...I think Curt secretly does too and probably so does Neil. ;) -j


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