Thursday, September 24, 2009

So, how'd it go??

As a parent, how many times in your child's life do you think you'll say those words?
Everytime one of them leaves for an event, a class, a playdate - i want to know every detail, "& then what did YOU say?? What did she say THEN??"
i've always had pretty good little informants. None of those little two word answers from my crew. i almost wished it wasn't so when they came home from violin on Tuesday....
It was their first lesson where i dropped off all 3 children & then returned for them after an hour and a half. They were to each bring a book to read while the others were getting their lesson - and i was curious how it had worked out with all of them sitting in on each other's lessons.
"So, how'd it go??" i asked as they piled in the door with all their cases, books & bags.
"Oh, GREAT!! i got a new song called 'Tic Toc Quavers!'"
"Yeah, & me & Peyton aren't doing the same songs anymore!"
"And, Nola loved how i played Tambourin!"
"That's great guys! So, did it seem long sitting there reading your books?"
"Not for me!" says Sloanie - the girl always has her nose in a book at home anyway & my biggest worry with her was that when it was her turn, she'd say, 'can i just finish this chapter first?'
"i didn't read a book." Peyton smiles at me.
"Oh? What did you do?"
"i just sat there. i picked at my scab. Then i put all the pieces of scab in my sock. When dad was driving us home, i emptied my sock into the back of the Yukon."
Let me just say, i'm curious if Nola noticed... and i'm glad Neil was still in his office when this conversation took place.
Thanks for the info, Peyts.


Jen said...

Heheh! So, who is going to clean out the yukon next?

Melissa said...

I'm guessing it's Peyton's turn to clean out the Yukon. :)

carol said...

You are right - I have said those words so many times over the years! Cute story!

Prvbs31Mama said...

oh just sell the yukon with the scabs and all...hehe I'm sure the next owners' pet will enjoy the extra protein...hehe


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