Thursday, October 1, 2009

i wish i could sing like Aretha Franklin...

but i can't.
Cai wanted to hear Aretha's version of Bridge Over Troubled Water after i was talking about it one day - so we looked it up on youtube.... w.o.w.
God didn't give me her range & ability & creativity... though, he gave me each of those things in smaller doses...
But, he did give me a heart that is unable - or unwilling - to hide my love for Him.
He gave me a voice that breaks because i mean what i sing -
He gave me a breathless passion as i sing with less air as a wee one compresses my insides.
He gave me the desire to sing always & only for Him.
& so while i sigh & listen to the perfection in some seemingly flawless voices... & the heartbreaking clarity in each musical phrase... & while i know that my offering isn't as beautiful as Aretha's...
it's all i have - & as i pour out my pittance at my piano bench each day, He counts my offering as much.
And so, Jesus... i will sing for You. i won't sit & be silent - & keep my composure & pride. i won't be afraid to lift my voice to join the throng of praise to My King.


Jen said...

Aretha....hmm...where have I heard that name?, it's not quite Aretha....hmmm maybe it's just Retha. I dunno.... I think this Retha girl sings pretty good too...wish I could remember who it is.... ;)

paige said...

haha- i used to wish that i was named after her :) (i wasn't)because i was so hypnotized by her voice. But nobody calls me retha anyway.

jessica jespersen said...

lookin' forward to eatin' your potatos and buns this weekend RETHA. And also singing with you RETHA. -j

mamalena said... were named after Retha Young (who came from Rethilda Sask.)...but you wouln't have been named after her if her name wasn't like ARETHA' I guess in a ARE named after Aretha...YOU SING BABY!!


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