Thursday, September 17, 2009

Teaching Charter Manners

We were at my mother in law's house for supper one time and Charter was picking away at his salad, moving it around on his plate with his fork, with a dissatisfied look on his face. Finally Neil burst out, "Charter! Just eat your salad! Look, i ate my salad!"
"Yeah, Dad, but that's 'cause YOU like it."
Retorts Neil, "No i don't, it's disgusting, but i still ate it."
Nicely played, Neil, nicely played.


Prvbs31Mama said...

ROFL...well at least he said it at HIS mom's and not YOUR mom'
gotta love the whole manners issue...

brad said...

Caleb told our neighbours yesterday that their house decorating was "really old fashioned". I'm not sure what he meant by it but it was the first time any of us had been in their house - not a very good first impression

mamalena said...

I'm sure Neil would have loved MY salad....hehe....just kidding. This is very funny... Good thing Marion has a sense of humor...


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