Thursday, September 24, 2009

miss molls - made for homeschooing

It was the lead up to Kindergarten that had me fooled. She seemed so excited.
Turns out, she just wanted the new shoes & the pass-me-down backpack.
She's realising now, that it's kind of a sucky trade for her freedom.

Things Mollen Loves About School:

- Mollen loves that she doesn't have to wear a seat belt on the bus. That's my girl.
- Mollen loves that "i make the rules about when i make a craft."
- "i like that i have lots of friends."

Things Mollen Hates About School:

- "i think it'th TH-TUPID that you need a tag to go to the bathroom. i won't ATHk for one! it makeTH me THO mad that i jutht wait till i get HOME to go potty!" (yes, her lisp is that much worse when she's mad... i'll spare you the confusion of typing out her lispies in any further quotes.... but can you imagine that little pink tongue flying out of control? It's the sweetest, most adorable, endearing thing.)
- "we don't hardly do nothing at school."
- "Sometimes nobody sits by me and i have to sit by myself and i don't like it.
- "i don't like rules and tickets and line- ups."

i find i'm sort of the same way... i have to laugh at myself. Maybe me & my girl, we're just made for homeschool.
& i'm just fine with that...
Looks like we'll finish out our year though & then she can join our little homeschool, Chrysalis Academy in the fall. i get a kick out of her outrage... it's a good reminder to me to keep a lid on mine when they send home a list of rules for the parents...
Sighs Mollen, "Mama, it's hard to be five."
me, "oh?"
Molls, "yeah... especially when you're really, really smart."

i can only imagine, molls, i can only imagine...


Prvbs31Mama said...

I absolutely LOVE it!!! I so missed her yesterday at the was just weird without

Andrea said...

Jamie Lee Curtis wrote 'It's Hard to be Five'. My kids LOOOOOVE it. I think it would be right up Mollen's alley.
Love the lisp typing. Adelyn has the same one that she seems able to control when we make a sign language "s" to remind her but when she gets angry or upset...I have to wipe my face with a towel!!

deborah said...

haha! I love it! You're in for a treat next year! :)

Lesley said...

They send home RULES for parents???? Like what?! Tell Mollen she can come and visit my Kindergarten here in Switzerland...inquiry based learning, a lovely teacher and no rules for MUM!!!! I am so inspired by your


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