Friday, March 5, 2010

& then, there was a moment...

More of the same today -
but now -
in the hush of evening, i can hear Ephraim's even breathing in his cradle beside me.
i hear Cairo turning the pages of her book in the room next door -
i hear... absolute silence from Gagey in his room - & no bumping or jousting or yelling... or worse, sickness - from the basement.
The laundry is done,
my kitchen is clean,
my babies are smooched & fed.
The cars are going by - but it's peaceful - no revving engines tonight - or noisy voices, or honking horns.
& in this moment.
i finally feel peace.
My little ones are tucked in their beds,
& it's time i tucked myself in my little bed too.

Hold me, Father - tuck me in too - breathe into me Your peace, Your calm, Your rest.

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