Thursday, March 18, 2010

lookin' for silver...

oh, stormclouds...
The medi-Center called today.
i knew it wouldn't be good.
i fractured my patella.
i have a cast (horrible blue & white 'cause those are the only colours they had...) for 6 weeks.
Six weeks.
& no running after that for at least 2 more weeks.
i guess that's why it hurt. so. bad.
Of the clothes that fit me post baby... very few fit me now - post baby, post broken leg.
& i know that i have some big kids - who are amazing - but everyone still needs mama.
Neil needs me.
My attitude has been, *ahem* less than stellar.

This is such a silly thing for me to be fretting about... i know it.
If you're trying to teach me something - i gotta admit - i've been looking at myself too much to find it... instead of just asking you to show me.
So, teach me.
i will put aside my frustration, my cabin fever, my wants & desires, my overwhelmed heart, my... 'how'm i gonna do everything i need to do now?'
You know everything i need to do... everything i need to be - for all the people who are needing me.
& only You know what i need.
There is a silver lining on this stormcloud...
Help me - see You.


Joy said...

So sorry, hope you heal well and strong.
Will be holding you in prayer.

whoever said...

oh how awful... we'd rather stay in denial and disbelief that such a thing could happen to such a busy beautiful MOM! God Bless you in this trouble. He's promised to be with you in everything... even this tough time.

Erin said...

Paige! I am so sorry! I wish I could come help you out, I cannot imagine... you will find the silver lining and soak up what the Lord has to teach you thru this:)

Mindy said...

Oh, my. Well...maybe it's a chance to focus on "Mary" rather than "Martha." That's something I've been struggling with lately. You're in my prayers...

Carol said...

Oh dear...this will definitely slow you down a little! Hope it heals well and quickly.


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