Friday, March 12, 2010

darling baby...

Maybe you didn't know this, baby, but i was that picked on kid on the school playground who always got asked, "Do you have a staring problem?" because i was always... staring...
You give me good reason to stare - with your tiny ears, exquisite nose & the ever present hope that i might catch a glimpse of your one elusive dimple.
But, in these evening hours - you won't even let me catch a peek of your sweet hair - your dreamy, milky doziness or your brand new nursing blister (that only makes those little lips even more kissable).
You tuck your downy head right into my neck & breathe heavy, baby breaths on me - letting me feel the weight of your seamless little body...
& only making a peep when i lean you back to stare into your fresh little face.
Then your little mouth turns down in the most pathetic way,
your little chest starts with those little hiccuping sobs,
your tiny hands clench into sad little fists,
& i'm forced to nestle you once again into the groove of my neck...

So *fine* baby, you win.
i won't look at you.
i'll even close my eyes if you want me to.
i'll let my fingers be my eyes as i feel your little toes & pat your tiny back.
i'll let your scent feed me, as i fight the urge to gobble you in one mouthful.
i'll listen intently to your wee gruntings and feel your gentle clawings on my neck.
i can live without staring....

for a minute or two....

But be warned delicious boy -
The moment your body grows heavy with sleep -
and the scritchy scratchy fingers stop their trailings on my neck-
The instant your gruntings change to heavy breathing & you're lying limp in my arms -
i will lay you across my body & enjoy the beauty that is -

my darling baby.


Prvbs31Mama said...

awww, that could have been a children's book! Love it!

Treena said...

awww Paige, I was that girl who had a "staring problem" too! i love, love, love your blog. thank you for sharing all your wonderfulness with us!


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