Saturday, March 6, 2010

the boys...

My sister took a new picture of "the boys" for me. She took so many cute pictures of Ephraim - i wish i had gotten her to take some of all 7.
Didn't she do a nice job?
In other news...
Neil's home.
Could that week have passed any slower?
As soon as he got home, he went to the hockey game... i couldn't decide if i should wait up or not. Under normal, non sleep deprived circumstances, it would be a no brainer... but with teeny one only doling out 3 hour stretches if he's feeling especially generous, i wondered if i had better take any sleeping opportunity that came.
10 o'clock rolled around...
& i was still waiting up, despite my wee one sleeping.
Silly - i just can't help myself...
& then the phone rang.
"Hi! i'm coming - wait up for me would you?"
"What if i would have been sleeping?"
"i'd have woken you up."
He has the biggest crush on me... i can just tell.
Just admit it, adored one....
You missed me too.


Anonymous said...
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Prvbs31Mama said...

Oh Paige you are so graceful and full of mercy...I would have had a cow if Jamie thought he was going to the hockey game after being away from me for a whole week...I'd LIKE to say I'd be that mature...but I think I'd be acting "catty" and give him the silent treatment...sigh. Selfish little me...STILL thinks the world revolves around her...sigh

Mindy said...

Great photo of the boys!

Sweet about Neil...I'm so glad he's home.

Anonymous said...

I hope you had all 3 circumcisied

paige said...

if you are going to leave silly, anonymous comments on my blog, at least use spell check.


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