Thursday, March 18, 2010

big girls don't cry...

except when they do.
& honestly?
They sometimes cry 'cause they fell and hurt themselves.
Especially if they're me.
i didn't even breathe a word that i was ready to lace my shoes again... but i was ready. i had my first run under my belt & was ready for my second...
Halfway through the run, i was killin' it. (For me... a month post partum...) & i thought, 'i'm gonna totally take at least 4 minutes off the time of my first run!!'
But no, i'm a huge klutz & i wiped out... yeh, hit both knees, both hands, an elbow & believe it or not, a shoulder. If you were the person driving past me, i don't blame you for not stopping... especially if it's cause you were laughing too hard.
If you know how much i hate doctors, then you'll know how much pain i had to have been in to go to the walk in clinic. i haven't been to the doctor in over 2 years. They sent me for x-rays & they don't think it's broken - but she said i can't walk for 2-3 weeks or exercise for 3-4 weeks. i have no idea how i'm gonna take care of the small fry - from the couch?... i can hardly walk - can't climb the stairs... maybe tomorrow will be better. It's hard to see the funky swelling & the bruising juuuuust beginning in the pic, but enjoy a small taste of my bitter disappointment.
i guess exercise will have to wait another 3 weeks.


deborah said...

I am so amazed that you are up and running! Wow. I know I was still aching one month pp.

I hope you feel better quickly! :)

Melissa said...

My first thought is - OUCH!!!

My second thought is - what on earth are you doing running only 1 month post-partum? :)

My third thought is - poor you not being allowed to exercise... you can't WALK for 2-3 weeks?

Praying for quick healing for you!!

I can't believe that guy didn't stop. Did you trip on something? Ice?

Poor poor Paige...

Joy said...


Feel better!!
Praying for a swift recovery, in the meantime enjoy some couch time.

Carol said...

Ouch...poor you! This is going to be a tough time for you - hope help comes along and at least try to enjoy the pampering that I hope you receive!

Lisa said...

Take it easy Paige, and remember to take all the help you can get!!! And don't forget about those big helpers you have at home. *HUG*

Jen said...

OWIE!!! Must have really been quite the fall!
Do they cast a broken knee cap?
Praying for you!!!

P.S. As soon as I linked to your blog Kellan started to sway/dance to the Keith Green song :)

Mindy said...

Oh, no, Paige! How horrible. I hope have a quick recovery and that your kids step up and help a ton!


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