Tuesday, March 16, 2010


My girls talk about their future husbands sometimes.
i think it's kind of funny to imagine the boys that they'll someday marry...
Cairo's husband is gonna 'live off the fat of the land in a house he built with his own hands. He's gonna want a big family and have a good sense of humour'... Neil says, "Good luck finding him!"
One day, i was driving with Sloanie & she stated, "i bet i get married before Cai..."
"Why's that?" i asked.
"Cai's way pickier than me."
i almost pulled over into the grass in the middle of the traffic circle.
"Sloan Evelyn True Beselt! If ever there was a time in your life to be picky... it's in making THAT decision! You will be picky too, trust me. AND, i hope you're able to find someone worthy of your sweet tender heart!"
"oh. ok."
Yeh. i thought so.
Peyton? Peyton might not ever get married... & if she does, it would be nice if he worked at a fast food restaurant & brought home free burgers.
& then there was my conversation with Mollen...
"When i grow up, i'm gonna marry a boy who didn't pull down his pants when he was little."
Good. We gotta start somewhere.


mamalena said...

HAHAH....and I am gonna scrutinize candidates very carefully and if I see anything I don't like....I won't be a bit shy about saying so...

Alicia said...

Oh I love it!!

Carol said...

How funny!

Denise said...

My Isobel is not going to have any children because she doesn't want to change any stinky diapers.

And she will bring her husband to live here, with us, because she doesn't want us to be lonely without her...

I'll believe it when I see it!

It's good you have their thoughts/responses written down. That way you can tease them years from now when they have found that "man of their dreams!"

Saskatchewan Cousin

Anonymous said...

that molls....she cracks me up every time. :-)
i know a good boy who wants to live off the fat of the land and could build a house with his own hands. :-) not sure if he wants lots of kids but i think there's a pretty good chance. ha.
paige, love yesterday's post. you always encourage me so much. thanks for that.

farm_girl_4_jesus said...

If you're allowed to marry your dad's cousins kid, we may have a candidate for the living off the fat of the land one. She still has a few years on him but he has a fantastic sense of humor. How does Cairo feel about rifles? Miles is quite insistent that he is going to give each of his children one at their 7th birthday.

Melissa said...

Mollen might be out of luck. Sorry, hun.

Your girls crack me up! Please stay on the road, though!

Mindy said...

Too funny! Pure awesomeness.


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