Wednesday, October 7, 2009

weblink wednesday...

So, i have found upon examining my heart... that i am passionate about children.

There are a couple of blogs that i read that have a totally different focus than mine. i find that these blogs - both written by mothers who i don't know personally - touch on very important subjects that i lack the personal experience and insight to blog about coherently, though i've tried on occasion...

So, in an effort to amplify their voices just a touch with the teeny tendrils of influence that i may have, i'm gonna post their links here.
The first one is a blog that deals with the challenges & joys of foster care. i don't think she blogs nearly enough... but when she does, it always seems to be a personal challenge to me to think outside my own comfortable family & home... to reach out in the community around me & make an impact. i know that at this point in our lives, that foster care isn't an option - for too many reasons to list on my blog - but it's something that tugs on my heart & i want to be open to listening to that still small voice if He ever calls me to action in this arena. Regardless - i want to read about & know about families who *are* in the trenches, dealing with the government & broken mommas & daddys - who are shining a light in a dark broken world. i don't want to just cover my face & cry, "this isn't for me!!" - i want to be aware of what's happening & *care* that there are hurting little children that need a home - a lap to sit in - & arms to be wrapped in - food in their tummies - & a safe place to lay their precious heads to sleep at night...
If you wanna read it in funnier, more eloquent form than i've put here, go to The Monster Wrangler.
My next plug for Weblink Wednesday is a blogger mama who was pregnant at the same time as i was expecting Gagey. Her hilariously cute little boy, Micah, was born with Downs Syndrome - & though she's a busy mama with 3 very small sons, this month is Downs Syndrome Awareness month & she is doing the "31 for 21" posting challenge. She is taking questions from her readers (she's brave!) & posting answers about Micah & downs syndrome. i'd love to see more questions asked, awareness achieved & the miseducation that has encouraged an abortion rate above 90% for children diagnosed in utero with downs syndrome ended. i know i've plugged her blog before - because i think she does such a great job & has so many important things to say.
Her blog is sweetly & aptly named, A Little Something Extra For Us (downs syndrome means that a child has an extra 21st chromosome :)
So, those are my offerings for the day - happy reading!

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Stephanie said...

Thanks for this insight. I appreciate what other moms have to endure or experience and gain knowledge from them.


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