Thursday, October 29, 2009

MLA Challenge

i suck at writing letters - especially on the fly.
Who cares?
On Thursday morning with a bunch of jammied children clamouring for my attention, i went to my MLA's website & wrote him this:

Mr. Johnson -i'm a stay at home mama in the XXX area & i'm writing to you today with an idea. It's not a new one, in fact, i've been told that the majority of Albertans agree with me that not all abortions in our province should be funded by our tax dollars. My husband works really, really hard to support his little crew (me & our 6, soon to be 7 children) & abortion is something that we are morally opposed to. It makes us sick to know that our tax dollars are going to fund a procedure that ends the lives of our most vulnerable citizens.
Even if we could put some restrictions on abortion, as almost 40% of abortions in our province are repeat procedures (according to 2004 statistics) & are medically unnecessary - yet completely free & tax funded.
We live in a disposable society - & right now, it's life that we have deemed disposable. There are options that are so much better than abortion - homes & families that would take in any little life, ultrasound technology used to show parents what they're throwing away & counselling to avoid the grief & sorrow after the fact.
You're in a position to make a difference. i just wanted to take a minute on this busy morning, while my little ones are snuggled up next to me & drop you a line to encourage you to do so.

So, will my Canadian friends join me???? Write your own letter to your MLA & leave a comment in my comments section that you did so. (Feel free to copy from mine if you would like - hopefully my sister Stephanie, a gifted letter writer, will write one & you can all copy hers!)

Don't worry about perfection, just DO it :) i got some stats from the alberta prolife website. While i was there, i noticed a lot of good information on the vaccines that use aborted fetal tissue in Alberta. Check it out here.


deborah said...

just sent mine off!

paige said...

Haha! i love pregnancy hormones. Deborah's comment made me cry.

Anonymous said...

Consider it done, Paige! Remind us more often, speaking out is the only way to take steps forward.



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