Saturday, October 3, 2009

Somebody cute had the hiccups last night...

o, little one... just as i thought we were both starting to doze off - i started to feel those gentle rhythmic hiccups.

i rolled over on my side & got both my hands on my belly so i could feel you from the inside and out. Hard to believe your little frame fits in that hard ball in my belly. i try to picture you all scrunched up in there & as i feel each gentle whoosh, hiccup, or kick - i remember that that is *my* sweet little person hiding in there...

My body has been changing, making room for you - growing, doing crazy things because you're there. Even though you're not likely much more than a pound, i've put on 15 of them for you.

This morning, my shirt was still riding up after Gagey had his morning treat & gently, he put both of his fat little hands on my belly, acknowledging your presence. Do you hear your big brother on the outside when he talks, or pokes at your little home, or cries in the night?

God gave me a precious gift with your pregnancy... - a freedom from the anxiety that plagued me during Gagey's pregnancy. There is freedom to love you, to anticipate your arrival, to enjoy these precious days & weeks ahead as we prepare for your birth.

& so today as i walk in the walk to remember - & i remember the precious little ones who are waiting for me in heaven, i will also remember to be grateful - for the little one whose hiccups give me joy as i wait for sleep to come, who if God wills, will keep me company as we sojourn here on earth a little longer...


Lisa said...

Have a wonderful walk Paige. I'll be thinking of you, and all those little babies.

Prvbs31Mama said...

Thought of you and Steph and Jen glad you're able to do this walk! Perhaps someday I'll be able to as well!
Hugs! Can't wait to meet the sweet little one still in hiding!

Jen said...

Mmmmm....I'm looking forward to that 'freedom' too.
Had a great day with you yesterday :)


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