Monday, October 26, 2009

is it just me?

i find myself as engrossed in watching Gagey eat a piece of apple as i would be with any riveting movie or storyline.
He needs a chunk, peeled, in each of his chubby little hands. The juice drips down his chin & he catches it with the back of his arm as he bites his lip with his little chicklet teeth to keep from losing any more.
The sounds of his tiny slupings and crunchings are mesmerising.
He finishes the apple in his right hand & shoves his 4 fingers into his mouth to lick them off.
Quietly, he moves on to the little chunk left in his left hand. His right hand remains poised, frozen in midair as he focuses all of his attention on the task of eating his remaining sweet morsel.
When he is done, my blue eyed honey turns to me & asks, "Mo?"
Oh yes, more - more of you, little one... more moments watching you eat, play, grow, laugh, love... more moments in more days... more weeks added to more years.
More precious, delicious memories of being your mama.


Minerva said...

love it!! Jamie will now take a big bite out of my apple when he sees me eating one. :)

Tristy said...

No Paige, it isn't just you! I watch Eli all the time with same intensity as you watch Gagey. I am in awe of his little movements and gestures.....and I am in awe that I created him. And so blessed that I get to be his mama.....

Gagey and Eli would get along great!

mamalena said...

I remember I used to think they should make a TV show just watching the expressions change on my newborn's face....haha.


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