Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sitting in Church

i was sitting in church.
He was sitting beside me.
He reached over & put his arm around me.
My heart thumped.
He grabbed my chair - me still sitting cross legged on it & pulled it closer so that we were touching.
i kept listening... barely.
i heard the pastor say something about how it's the little decisions made over the course of a marriage that keep it together...
& something in my heart had to agree.
Today, it was maybe a 2 inch space closed in... that made me feel -


Jen said...

You sit crosslegged in church!?!
I'm glad I'm not the only one!!! ;)

Melissa said...

*dreamy sigh*

Your marriage is one that most women only dream of... so great that your man loves you so!

paige said...

honestly, i think these *sweet little moments* exist in almost every marriage - we just gotta really watch for them... i do appreciate the wonder of this love though... i'm very lucky.

Michelle said...

Hey Paige,
Just thought I'd say "hi". I accidently ran across your blog, and I enjoyed it very much. We briefly got to know each other about 2-3 years ago over our kids ski lessons at C.O.P.. You, Paula and myself...it was a fun week for me...I remember great conversation.

Glad you're doing well!!


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