Wednesday, October 14, 2009

fessing up

It's usually Peyton...
but not always.
We'll be sitting around the table, talking at lunch - & suddenly, she'll confess to something that happened YEARS ago. i remember the time Cai confessed to wearing dresses all through kindergarten so that her teacher wouldn't notice when she peed her pants. She was too shy to ask to go to the bathroom & so, would heroically hold it all day... except when she couldn't. That still makes me laugh - and cry... poor little chicky.
Today - it was the usual suspect. The conversation topic seemed benign. We were remembering the first time we watched Tarzan. i remember that Neil had to stop the movie because i was crying too hard when the baby ape is attacked by the tiger & the daddy holds the mama back & she can't protect her little one. (i was pregnant... & tender... & the soundtrack is Phil Collins...)
They were talking about that scene in the movie & my eyes started to cloud up & suddenly Peyton piped up, "Hey, mom, remember that night after we watched the movie & i was crying when you tucked me in at night?"
"um, no."
"Oh, well, you asked me if it was because of the movie... & i said, 'no'."
"Well, it was really because i had just swallowed a marble. & i heard that it can really hurt your body, so i didn't want to ever tell you."
"Oh. Well... i'm sure glad you're ok."
"Yup! Just Lookit me!!" (skinny arms flailing to the heavens...)

Another little secret off her chest... i wonder how many of these i would miss out on if they were at public school?


Shelly said...

Wow....did the marble ever come out? Poor Peyt.

Andrea said...

I have one of those! Liv can't seem to get to sleep if something is "hurting her heart". From peeing in the shower to checking out her classmate's paper for dictee. Sometimes it takes all of my strength to muffle my giggles and smiles. I'm thankful she's a if I could just convince her little sister to fess up once and a while

farm_girl_4_jesus said...

I swallowed a marble once! And it was a deep, dark secret for a while until I read somewhere what appendicitis was and then I got worried :)


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