Monday, October 19, 2009

sometimes... i'm not very Christian.

People are crazy drivers here in Calgary. i was trying to enter the traffic circle the other day & i guess the person behind me thought i missed a good opportunity at rush hour when it's just buzzing, so they laid on their horn till i finally got the chance to go. Eeeeek! Mean!
i'm still getting used to driving the Silver Fox (the more i say it, the more the name sticks, the less Neil has any say in the matter... bwahahaha)
It's a big, hefty vehicle. Even pregnant, i'm not really all that big & hefty, (for all my whining about my size). i perch myself up high in that seat & force myself to be comfortable with my new wheels. Even though it drives awesome... it's really big... & our church parking lot is really small. i had to take Cai to drop her off on Thursday night - & there were about 4 million things going on, so the parking lot happened to be full. She had to run in to ask a question & then was going to run back out & give me an answer before i took off... i wasn't going to risk pulling into a parking spot & then having to maneuver around trying to get out of there... (did i mention that our church parking lot is pretty narrow? Someone from my church back me up in the comments section...)
i pulled in tight to the door... & she had just jumped out when a car pulled up beside me & an angry man shook his arms in the air... & then he drove around me, (as i had left puulllllenty of room...)


i felt like leaping down off my little throne & shaking my little fist in his window...
i didn't though...
but i felt like it.
When i told Neil this story, he told me about one of his mom's friends who pulled up to a stop sign behind a little old man. He wouldn't go, so she honked her horn... time passed & he still wouldn't go - so, she honked her horn again... he went... & promptly got in a car accident.

Neil said she felt like a real winner.

So, i will try to be Christian & not shake my fist (it would just make Neil laugh if i did...) & i'm gonna try to have a little grace for other drivers out there in this crazy city as we face another winter together.


Lisa said...

yes our church parking lot is narrow! I don't even like parking our 'little' van there. lol

deborah said...

ha! I love it Paige. When I read the title and then the beginning of your post I thought you were tell me you were letting f-bombs fly - verbally or physically!
(not that I can picture you doing that)

Anonymous said...

That's a funny story, Paige. I don't really "get" how sometimes your not very christian, though? It's ok to feel like shaking a fist back- you didn't. It's a cute story, and sweet how delicate you are and how hard you try.


Prvbs31Mama said...

lol, yeah, and then there's me trying to get out of the parking lot on sunday night in our big truck..hehe I sooooo hope no one was looking...sigh.
Yeah, Calgary drivers are seems to worsen the closer we get to Christmas. I guess people are starting to stress out earlier this year...silly materialistic people...but that's a post all on it's own!! haha
Enjoyed your post Paige...funny how certain things make us "feel" less Christian eh?!

Vanessa said...

I can't even imagine, Paige! I've had two scary incidents with our new minivan (I'm having trouble with the blind spots on it). One was my fault completely, the other not, but what is even more disturbing (than realizing I'm a suckier driver than I thought) is the REACTIONS! BOTH times the people felt the need to follow and intimidate, and that is just in our little area!!

I love your new Silver Fox, but sure don't envy you having to drive it! LOL!! :)


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