Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tiller - my response

It seems it's all i've been hearing and reading about. The late-term abortionist who was shot and killed while serving as an usher at church.
i knew i should probably have a response. This blog is unabashedly prolife... & yet...
i wasn't sure how to focus my words. So, in light of my uncertainty - i will just post my thoughts 'free-flow'.
i think dr. Tiller was a bad man. i heard him on TV saying, "What i do is not illegal, it's not unethical and it's not immoral."
He's wrong. And i think he likely knew he was wrong - he saw the tiny limbs and the broken bodies of the ones whose lives he took, but murder for profit was his bread and butter - so why not act the part of the knight in shining armour for this "vital part of women's health programs in America"(specializing in abortions after 21 weeks gestation). It's the saddest thing in the world that it's not illegal... but there can be no question that the choices that dr. Tiller made were both unethical and immoral.
i think dr. Tiller's church was neglectful and broken. Pastors have such a difficult job... people coming to them with their broken lives... looking for Jesus... Shepherding the followers of Christ and teaching truth. They can't be cowards who hide behind untruths, muddying the waters and allowing an unapologetic murderer to serve in any capacity. Jesus didn't shy away from the truth because it made people uncomfortable. Neither did John the Baptist, or Elijah... we need men and women and children who are unafraid to speak truth and to shine light on the horrible injustice of abortion. Ignoring it because it's not illegal is a cop-out. i don't wanna fight either - but truth must prevail. Slavery was also legal at one time, & Hitler's government condoned genocide.... i love that quote, "truth is not determined by a majority vote." Our governments are not infallible. Often times they make choices that are dead wrong. Abortion is one such example.
Finally, i think that the man who shot dr. Tiller was wrong. It's just not the focus of what i wanted to say... i wish that Tiller's death would soften hearts of mothers and fathers towards their children... & make our nations cry out to God for mercy. But under these circumstances, i don't think that's likely to happen.

Jesus - bless the little ones. Forgive us for our inability & unwillingness to protect them. Keep me soft... i'm tired of crying - & yet... i know it's my soft heart that want & that you will use for Your Glory.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Dr. Tiller was involved in his church to salve his troubled heart... or maybe he was "searching" -- who knows... And the "Killer of Tiller" probably thought he was doing the world and the babies a favour, but I am sure that even if Tiller is gone, some other misguided soul will be "raised up" to fill Tiller's place. And the Killer will be behind bars and away from his family and friends (if he had any). Basically alot of broken lives and no winners in the mess at all. It's sad... not the first time this has happened and probably not the last, either. We definitely live in a lost and broken world...
Saskatchewan Cousin.

Prvbs31Mama said...
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Prvbs31Mama said...

I posted an article on my blog that closely mirrors my thoughts on this...the deleted post had too many spelling nak

Mindy said...

I agree. I thought you stated your thoughts very succinctly. Thank you!


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