Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Sitting outside in the peace and beauty of my parent's place in Victoria, i watch my sweet 5 year old dance in the grass waving bright green leaves. Suddenly, she starts to sing -
"Oh no, you never let go of me..." She's singing to Jesus...
i can't help but join in... until i notice she's not singing anymore.
She's standing in front of me, arms crossed with her nose about an inch from my face.
"Less talky, more looky."
Ahhhh, chastened...
After a day out on my parent's new boat, i collapsed in the teeny cabin & shut my eyes as we motored home... Suddenly a sharp little voice is squealing in my ear,
She bops my head unceremoniously as i try to ignore her.
Four second later, she is sprawled out next to me dead to the world.
Yes... i'll admit... i was tempted...
Shall i spare you Mollen's operetta on the ferry? i know, it sounds like a story you'd like to hear, but it was in the bathroom...
It was an operetta detailing her adventures in the bathroom...
While 2 other ladies snickered at me i stood there with a weak grin, willing the song to end as i waited for her to emerge from the stall.
Someone ratted on me to Neil & told him that i blogged about him buying me coffee. He decided he needed to check out my lies, & as i was scrolling to the right place, he glanced at my sidebar & exclaimed, "WHAT??!! God has more posts than ME???"
My mom was tucking Mollen into bed & she suggested that they should scooch over so that there would be room for Peyton, "Nuh- uhn!!" Molls retorted, "i'm not sitting in YOUR farty place!"
Gagey was fussing in the van & his fussing became more loud & insistent the longer he was ignored till Mollen piped up, "Uh oh! Look out people, he's gonna BLOW!"
So, as i said, i'm on holidays... so blogging may or may not be sparse this week... i seem to always find the time & desire to write, so we'll see...
& yes, i realize i have 6 kids & most of my quotes are from only one of them... Let's pray that the rest of them NEVER catch up to her in their smarty smart mouth ways k?


Melissa said...

*giggle giggle*

Jen said...

Have a fun & restful vay-kay!!!

Prvbs31Mama said...

lol, yup every family tends to have an *extra* challenging one to raise!! lol thanks for sharing her honesty though...I've often wondered what kids are thinking when they make certain faces or do certain things and she vocalizes it so well!! lol

jessica jespersen said...

hee hee... was it mom's farty place or peyton's farty place that was so distasteful to molls? haa haa! I'll admit, it was me who ratted... I was just hoping Neil would get me one too next time. ;) Such a great coffee man that Neil. You are making me want to visit mom and dad. :) --j

Anonymous said...

Have a great time out in Victoria... give your parents my love :-)
Cousin Denise.

Mindy said...

What a character you have on your hands!

mamazee said...

this made me laugh out loud! Mollen is so funny!


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