Monday, June 1, 2009

i'm gonna help you obey...

i remember once watching my sister parent her first born. He had been asked to do something - & he was dragging his little feet to do as he was told. Finally my sister took his little hand & gently but firmly told him, "momma's gonna help you obey, son." & she led him through each step of obedience.
i tucked that one in my memory banks - loving the gentleness of the discipline & yet the firm follow-through. i've used that line with my own little ones as i've tried to teach them to obey.
Today was like deja-vu.
i was in a circumstance where i find myself repeatedly lately. i had been told to do something - & i was draggin' my feet to do as i was told. Finally my Father put his fingers on my heart & gently but firmly told me, "i'm gonna help you obey, loved one." & He led me through each step of obedience. i felt my attitude shift as my focus was moved from my own selfish desires to my Father's love.
i almost wanted to laugh out loud at my own circumstance - feeling so plainly his gentle rebuke and correction. Feeling Him tell me that He wasn't gonna let me fail on this one. Feeling that i was a child again - & that someone was watching out for me - & growing me into something better than i am at present.


jessica jespersen said...

awww...I like that picture of God taking us by the hand to help us do what needs to be done. :) I *still* use that little tool with my kids. Sadie needed some help the other day. :) Nice little "tool in the kit" to teach immediate obedience in a tender way. Such JOY when they start obeying immediately on their own though isn't it!!... and i'll bet God feels the same way about us and our obedience. -j

mamalena said...

Even Jesus had to learn obedience.

Hebrews 5:8  "Though he were a Son, yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered;"

It is lovely how Father is able to lead us when our "bent" is to follow Him.

mamazee said...

thanks paige - it was that kind of day here today, and that brought back those memories ;)...

Please pray for NayNay!


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