Monday, June 15, 2009

Cairo's Boyfriend

"Where's my boyfriend?!" She cries in her baby voice - tenderly tiptoeing down the stairs.
"i'm right here - playin' Poptropica on the computer." Her husky voiced 7 year old brother answers absently.
Cai giggles... "i was talking about Gage."
It seems like yesterday that he was her little boyfriend. Every baby becomes her special plaything - her most precious friend - her most cherished person. She was only 5 when Charter was born, but every sound he made - every flail of baby arms or tiny whimper was met with coos and all the tender, mothering care that a 5 year old could muster.
Now, her legs are becoming long and lanky - her 12 year old body is strong and capable as she seeks out her newest little boyfriend to admire.
What a lucky little crew to have such a trusty little captain.


jessica jespersen said...

Such a strange thing to "know" a person so intimately right from their birth isn't it? .. i keep thinking of Cairo at my wedding... all 6 weeks of her, frilled in a fluffy christening gown that barely fit her tiny frame. She is so changed these 12 1/2 years later. It amazes me that the potential of all of who she is *now* was contained in that tiny little baby you held at my wedding. Each of your children are so much fun and yes, they are lucky to have such a kind, gentle example in your oldest, Cairo that's for sure! I've always thought that the oldest child in many ways "sets the tone" for the rest of the children who follow. -j

deborah said...

She's such a great little momma. My girls just LOVE having her babysit!

Lisa said...

Cairo is awesome! And isn't it a blessing for her to call her brother her boyfriend, and not some kid down the street or at school.


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