Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Life As A Reality Show

Sometimes our pastor reads my mind & then uses my thoughts in his sermon. Either that or God tells him things to say to make my cheeks pink. This week, he talked just as a brief aside about imagining our lives as a reality show & how it would make us feel to see our thoughtlessness towards our spouse played out right before our eyes...
Funny story...
As i was running the other day, i was imagining this very thing. My mind was vacillating between the sheer joy of Neil seeing his obviously flawed actions and my own shame at being unveiled as the 'dripping faucet' i really am.
Don't get me wrong - i'm told if you google 'i have the best husband in the world' that my blog is the sixth hit (dare you to try it) - that must mean something - but despite his perfection, we've found that we still have a few rough edges to work off.
The Audience of One keeps His eyes on my heart. Knowing when my motives are pure & when i'm manipulating. The Audience of One isn't keeping track to update a gossip column & hoping for my marriage to fail so that ratings rise... He is daily trying to shape me to His image & allowing the dead, broken branches to be lopped mercilessly off so that my growth will be unhindered. The Audience of One loves me - loves the man i love - has joined us as man and wife in an inseparable bond.
May my reality show play out in love to bring glory to the Audience of One.

ps - later when i saw the pastor - i complained about something silly - i feel bad for that... my dad always taught me to be positive & appreciative... maybe i need to learn to be more thoughtful in every area of my life.


deborah said...

I don't think your cheeks were the only ones burning! ;)

And I'm totally a sucker...tried your google trick. Didn't work. Here's your excuse to blog a bit more about Neil.

Lauren said...

I just read your post on your breastfeeding struggles, as well as all of the comments left on your post about breastfeeding your toddler. Thanks so much for being completely open and honest, it's such a breath of fresh air to read your posts. They are always written lovingly and considerately, and yet the truth always prevails. I loved breastfeeding my toddler, and am now expecting my second child in December, and absolutely can't wait to nurse again. One of the most frustrating things that people say to me about breastfeeding (when they've chosen to supplement or exclusively bottle feed) is "I wish I was like you. I wish it was really easy and that I loved every minute of it..." I have a difficult time explaining that that's not what it was about...while I did love it, there was a lot of pain (nothing like you went through though!) and I had a really hard time nursing discreetly, so I was isolated a lot in the first six months. But it wasn't about me. It was about giving my child the absolute best start possible. If I hadn't been completely committed to breastfeeding, no matter what, I definitely would have given up. I'm so thankful it was a decision I had made BEFORE I gave birth. Thank you for raising awareness about breastfeeding, for sharing your struggles (honestly, after reading about your experiences, I feel like EVERYONE should be able to breastfeed!:), and most of all, I think it's so incredible and such an amazing gift to your children that you persevered through so much to breastfeed them!

paige said...

HAha, Deborah - it didn't work for me either, but it did for my mom & my sister :) Fun. i'll have to write several more posts about my best husband in the world & see if i can work my way into the top 10 google hits. hehe.
Lauren - thanks for your comment too! :)

Anonymous said...

Neil's name didn't show up when I tried the "trick" either... glad I wasn't the only one who couldn't get it to work! But it did get me thinking about what qualities the best (and worst!) husbands should have... maybe I used to have the worst and now I have the best! ~ Saskatchewan Cousin.

Anonymous said...

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