Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Takes my breath away...

We were invited to one of Neil's work associates house for supper the other night. In conversation, the wife was talking about going for a walk with her husband. He's much taller than her & his strides are longer & while they walk, she does the talking & pretty soon, her breath is gone as she's trotting along, trying to keep up, while also not allowing any lag in the conversation.
Made me laugh.
i used to bug Neil to 'say something back to me!' when i would talk his ear off. He would smile & say, 'i like listening to you...' (ha!)
i had been talking to children all day & was aching for a little adult conversation & when he would walk in that door, i was like a hungry animal & i was ready to exchange some words.
Over the years, we've evened up in conversation... he's actually a pretty chatty guy. - Nothing like Lisa's James, but still... he can keep up his own end ;)
Now, our conversations are oft repeated, well travelled paths. We'll prattle on about work, children, secret goals & irritations. Sometimes we cover some new territory - sometimes one of our words sound like an alien language to the other, but we still listen.
i've learned that i need *quantity*... Not just with conversation, but with touch & company too. i need to see him lots, email him too much & be able to touch him when i roll over in bed.
i need to be able to 'let it all hang out' with him, knowing he'll sift my words & not hold the bad ones against me.
Sometimes i need to trot alongside him, letting our conversation take my breath away.


D said...
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deborah said...

not too many people can beat James...

(sorry, deleted the last comment as I was signed in wrong!) :)

Jen said...

When we first started 'going for walks' together, Brian would have to really slow down or I would be almost jogging - he doesn't have super long legs, I am just a really slow walker. We seemed to have met in the middle now :)
I'm like you - I'm a quantity girl too.

Anonymous said...

Alot of our conversation is over the *Mike* phone... 10-4 good buddy! Where are you, what are you doing, etc. That way even if John is working on his 5 day on rotation we can still keep in contact (as long as he isn't in a dead zone or in the battery)... and he can let me know approximately when he'll be coming back or if he won't be getting back... His sister told me at the time of the wedding "He likes talking to you... He didn't talk to his "other" wives like that!!" -- So hurray for communication and conversation (except for when it's 1:00 a.m. and I am asleep and being asked a question!!... Last night John came in and wanted to know where Isobel was... I said she was in bed and he said he couldn't find her... Finally he found her... sleeping on the floor of her closet!!! Prefers that over the queen size bed. Crazy kid!!!) ~ Saskatchewan Cousin.


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