Thursday, June 18, 2009

i am a poet

So after claiming to not be a poet in my last running post, my friend Minerva started a poetry challenge on her blog. Her first challenge was a Haiku - we've done those ones with the kids, & Cai even had a Haiku challenge on her blog not too long ago, so i thought i could handle that one. My first effort went like this:

Bright red strawberries,
sweet juice drips down dolly's face
Warm baby giggles.

This week, her challenge was a cinquain. i don't remember ever writing a cinquain, but i gave it a go - here's my entry:

my breath
comes heavy now
pounding feet letting go
of pain and worry all at once
heal, run.

i know 's kind of like music - & i write music - but i rarely write the words without the music. i remember one song i wrote like that where i wrote all the words & then the music the next day - but it doesn't happen often. It's kind of fun to have a challenge & force my words to fit in somebody else's frame.


jessica jespersen said...

You're a good poet
Gentle words falling like rain
revealing you Paige

hee hee... i thought it would be funny to comment in Haiku form. Even if i didn't even try to make it good. Anyone else? :) ha haa--j

deborah said...

I will share the cinquain I wrote in grade 2.

Slimy, grey
Pulls on things
Cold, happy, friendly, shy

Mindy said...

I'm going to pass on writing any poems, but I enjoyed yours! :)

Minerva said...

Glad I could help draw you out of your poet's shell, Paige!! I have always thought it would be fun to write a song, but I have had the opposite problem from you--poetry comes relatively easily to me, but I rarely get an original tune in my head. Maybe you can help me there?? Thanks for the shout-out. :)


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