Friday, June 19, 2009

Fun Friday Sprinklings.

1.) Neil doesn't read my blog.
2.) i love summer storms.
3.) Food cooked by someone else sounds *delicious*. i don't care who.
4.) My parents have 19 grandchildren. Cairo wants *someone* to have one more & then she will prepare contracts for all the grandchildren that state they will have a minimum of 5 children each so that my parents can have 100 great grand children. Yes. i know. She's a little funny - & she plans ahead like that.
5.) Some people look funny when they run. i hope i am not one of them.
6.) When i expressed my concern about this to Neil, he offered to video tape me (laughing). i declined.
7.) i keep listening to this song... i can't wait till we get to heaven & there *will* be unity.
8.) i overheard Cairo asking Mollen to sniff her armpits to see if her homemade deoderant works well.
9.) Mollen said, "OK, but you have to give me gum or money."
10.) Cairo said, "Never mind. If you want to sniff my armpits, you have to pay me."
11.) How could i not love being a mom?
12.) Does anyone like cliff-hanger posts? i will post something *interesting* on Monday. See you then.


deborah said...

I listened to the song - LOVED it!

Jen said...

100 great grandkids - that's awesome!
I'm sure you look just fine when you run - but YOUR armpits might stink so you should borrow Cai's deodorant! I'm not saying they DO...but they might...:)

paige said...

My sister stephanie posted that song & said such good stuff on her blog - here is a link - food for thought.
it has been on my mind ever since then...

Hillary said...

Paige.... I LOVE that song. WOW. It is amazing, thanks for sharing!! And I can't believe Neil doesn't read your blog! Really? He is missing out! It is one of the highlights of my day.


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