Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hear Me...

i remember one time telling my mom i didn't know how to pray just then.
Sadness -
Confusion -
Frustration -
had all taken hold & my words were all caught in my heart with no hope of escape. My mom reminded me that when we pray and our spirit cries out to God - even when words aren't there - He sees us, He hears us - & He has compassion on us.
It reminded me of our pastor when i was growing up. Before every service, we could hear him praying in the side room beside the sanctuary - his only words were, "Oh God".
i find myself there lately -

Oh God.
Hear me - in my weakness - in my brokenness - in my frailty.
Oh God.

There is peace regardless of the lack of words between us. My groaning heart is adequate. My faithful Father holds all the pieces and my trust is placed on a Solid Rock that will not shift and change.


Erik said...

I think some of the most powerful words David ever shared in the Psalms was when God spoke to him; "Be still and know that I am God!" (Psalm 46)

To be still is to be quite. I think that is often our first mistake. We get so caught up in the thought that prayer is about "us/me" and that we must be speaking that we do not recognize the need for space or quietness to let God just be God.

I think that is what I try to recognize while in meditation. Prayer is not about me; it is about a conversation I am having with God in that very moment. Perhaps more important; it is an acknowledgement to being in the presence of God and enjoying the moment of that presence.

Have you sat on the deck with Jesus lately and enjoyed a tall lemonade together?

paige said...

Yes - & this is all day - not just in a moment labeled 'prayer time'... i think that our days are full of communion with God.
But, i think that He pays attention to us too. It's not too small, too unimportant, or too trivial to bring to Him. He doesn't shush me when i'm hurting - he lets me pour out my heart (even in a 2 word sigh 'Oh God')& meets me right where i am.
i love that.

Minerva said...

Beautiful, & very true. I remember the time around my father's death being like that; needing to pray but having very few words. Yet God heard me and gave me as much peace as I could expect to have at that time. He is so good. Thanks for the reminder. :)


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