Tuesday, June 9, 2009

homeschool convention

Homeschool conventions are funny.
i get such a small fraction of my motivation & encouragement from them... & yet - i love going. Why?
Because i get to be with my sisters & my mom.
My big sisters are 2 of the most incredible homeschooling mamas you'll ever meet. Both gifted in totally different areas - both entirely aware of the immensity of the *gift* God gave us when He gave us our little ones, both lovers of Truth & passionate followers of Jesus.
This year, for the first time, my dad came. i was trying to explain to Neil what it was like having my dad there too. My mom comes & is an extra set of hands to help with babies (we each bring our littlest ones) - & now, with my dad coming, it just made everything *easier* yet again. He made suggestions for meals & then at the end of each & every single one, pulled out his wallet & paid... He paid for our hotel rooms too... & he took every opportunity to tell us what good mamas we are & how proud he is of us.
GAGE SLEPT!!!! Praise God... & i mean that... i had to let him cry falling asleep all 3 nights but then he slept through. i came home hardly feeling tired at all.. God is so good... i was so worried about how much it would take out of me - (i am prone to the most incredible migraines & i was sure that 3 nights without sleep would put me over the edge - but God spared me that & i am so grateful).
i went to the homeschool convention believing that i'm gonna 'keep on keeping on' with the stuff that we've done this year & i still feel that way - but i've got a couple of extra ideas that i think i'm gonna work in there (a couple of writing books that i'd like to pick up from CHER)... Not too much money to spend to get everything on my list which is good 'cause i'm spending all my funding on violin this year i think...
God has been so good.
What a blessing to me to have my mom & dad there to support us all in this incredibly huge task of motherhood & by extention, homeschooling.
i wish we lived closer & that we could have that quantity too - but for today - i'll take what small snippets we can squeeze in & thank God for this family that He gave me.


jessica jespersen said...

I'm excited to get back to doing Sonlight again this year. They didn't even *have* a booth there! :( I choked up reading the description of our newest program to Curt the other day. haa haa! Feels like each year of schooling brings a little more confidence in what works and makes room for "having fun" rather than agonizing over whether i have enough of what i need. I like this time of year. A cleaning/wrapping up of last years' work and a fresh start. *ahhhh!!*--j

juliekintaiwan said...

I'm glad you have your dad's support. I was thinking about this the other day when I remembered that his signature is on my high school diploma.


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