Thursday, June 4, 2009

conversations with molls... & God & Jesus.

"Momma, do i have to pray out loud?"
"No, honey - but momma likes to listen to your prayers and agree with you... It does my heart good to hear you talk to God."
"Oh. Ok, you can listen then."
(clearing throat)
"God and Jesus (this is how she addresses every prayer), Thank you for soooooo many good things, like flowers and ants. And you made bad things too, like spiders and boys - but some boys like spiders, so that's interesting. Amen."
We've come through some serious prayers in the past few days - so a little comic relief did me good.
Oh, God, reach this little girl who is so full of spunk and hilarity. Help her be *good*, Father. Give me more wisdom, more patience, more creativity as i parent this little person who seems to require so much of me.


Anonymous said...

Before we leave Mum and Dad's house we always have a little prayer for safety on the drive home. Isobel (almost 4) doesn't want to pray and lately has been refusing to join us as we pray. Now we know why.... The other day she says "But I DIDN'T pray so I can't go home!" Funny how kids think! (But she had to leave, anyway, despite her logic!) ~ Saskatchewan Cousin

Mindy said...

That prayer is just too funny! But I contend that boys are not ALL bad... ;)

Erik said...

After our conversation in church this morning I thought I'd stop by for a quick visit. The WOW, way to make a guy feel uncomfortable after your latest post!!!

Yes, I have been blogging for a few years Paige. I must admit to finding it difficult to write as of lately due to time demands and life events.

I have read a few of your posts and wish I could have delved deeper into your conversation regarding Tiller. There is something far deeper going on there and I was moved by the depth of emotion which is present.

Anyways, I'm sure there will be many more opportunities to talk/type in future. Blessings Paige!


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