Friday, June 26, 2009

Sorry, Pupcake...

Getting supper on the table at our house can be rather chaotic at times. Cairo, can you get cups? Sloanie, put that salad on the table - Charter, did you get the water?
As we were all trying to get our evening meal ready, i turned to Mollen, "Molls, i need you to get forks for everyone."
She looked at me, thinking, with one finger on her chin before responding, "Sorry, Pupcake, no can do."
Charter, as he's peeling potatoes for supper, "When i grow up, i'm totally gonna be a cop."
Me - (i've only heard this 3000 times since he was 4) Mmmmhmmmm...
Charter - But then i'll probably get fired.
Me - (This is new)... What? Why?
Charter - i'm not a very good listener. When i get fired, i'll drive a golf cart.
Neil - At least he knows his weaknesses.
Mollen - Momma, is it my turn on the computer?
Me - Nope.
Mollen - How would you like it if i punch you in the throat?
Me thinks Mollen has been hanging around her dad too much. He thinks this story is hilarious.
i didn't want to post it, but i did at his insistance.
S.o. n.a.u.g.h.t.y.....


Jen said...

HA! Your house is hilarious!
Love it!!

Jen said...

Oh, have a fun holiday!

Anonymous said...

Here is another "kid's" perspective....

Alisdair wrote a card for his teacher last night (we have to go pick up his report card this morning).... He wrote this message all by himself:

To: Miss Johnson

Thanks for everything you have taught me. Even though I thought some of it was a wee bit boring. Still we had fun at some points.


Alisdair Andrew Ramsay-Mackenzie

... I didn't know if we should give it to her or not, but how could I argue with that!!

Saskatchewan Cousin.

Anonymous said...

K- I'm with Neil- that's funny!


Lisa said...

Another one with Neil, VERY funny!! Mollen and Madison are so alike!

mamazee said...

I'll have to remember that line - thanks Mollen!

jessica jespersen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jessica jespersen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jessica jespersen said...

(sorry, having mental problems this morning and keep deleting my own comment... Here is what i deleted TWICE!) "I love when you post quotes. Mollen makes me laugh. God bless her punchy little threatening fist. Thanks p."

brad said...

I'm with Neil - I think that comment was great. I'm glad you posted

Rochelle said...

mollen is so BAD. she cracks me up. my favorite is the pupcake one. i laughed so hard!


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