Sunday, February 1, 2009


k, i seriously have NO time to blog right now. i have to take Cairo to her fiddling jam & we need to leave in 20 minutes & my kitchen looks like a hurricane hit it & i *can not* bear to leave it like that - but i'm going to steal 5 minutes & blog anyway 'cause it makes me feel better.
i had an embarrassing incident today... & i got home & like i do - i talked to myself.
i was in the kitchen making lunch (yummy organic potatoes & a nice salad with the organic veggies since Neil is gone, we can go veg.) ANYWAY.... i just kind of moaned out loud, 'i'm so embarrassed...' & Cai was right there & i said to her, 'Don't you hate it when something embarrassing happens & it keeps washing over you??' (she's a girl, so i knew she'd understand...) & to my surprise, she goes, "YES - i had something just like that recently!!". So i asked her what embarrassing thing had happened to her & she told me.
"Weeelll, it didn't really happen, but it almost happened & i'm still embarrassed about it."
"We were in Sunday school & Miss. Janet asked us if anyone knew what the word tithe meant & i thought she said tie. Me & Emma both put up our hands & Miss. Janet asked Emma- & when she said, 'it's the money we give to the church', i figured out what happened, & then i couldn't stop thinking about how embarrassing that would have been if she called on me first!"
It is a funny thought... & it made me feel better today.
i can't believe this took 6 minutes... & i just realized i have to leave early because i have to pick up cookies at Sobeys... (i know... bad mom :)


Vanessa said...

Awww! So neat you can talk with Cairo about things like that!
Now I'm wondering what happened to embarass you???

(Gonna post one of my own embarassing moments on my blog in a day or two.... : ) )

Nikki said...


You are a GREAT mom!

Prvbs31Mama said...

oh Paige...I love your honesty and scatteredness it's just so real! lol
So ummmm, about YOUR embarrassing moment...gonna share or leave us hanging??? or is it something you want to share on Thursday? hehe


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