Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jesus is Everything.

Lately when i've been thinking music - i've been thinking Jesus' name.
i've found my prayers end at the first word... "Jesus..."
He knows my heart & i know that what i can't put into words, the Holy Spirit will fill in for me.
This morning, during our worship time, we did our usual kids songs - (i'd love to do a 'this is how we do it' post on that... it's fast becoming my favourite part of homeschool...) & then i taught them one i remembered from highschool...
i don't know who wrote it - but it spoke to me back then & i remembered it years later & tried to write it down as best as i could. (If anyone knows this song lemme know where it came from & if i'm doing it wrong :)

i am yours
You are mine
i am the cup,
pour out your wine
i am a candle, Lord,
You make me shine
i am yours
You are mine.

We sang it through a couple of times & then i stopped & asked them - of what use would a candle or a cup be if there were no flame to light the candle, or liquid to fill the cup?
& it washed over me again.
Jesus is everything.

o how i love Jesus
o how i love Jesus
o how i love Jesus
because He first loved me.

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jessica jespersen said...

Worship is my favourite time with the kids too. I'm hoping that it becomes one of many shining childhood memories. Somedays it's more for me as I try to explain the meaning behind a chorus or hymn that has always meant so much and like you say, it all floods back on me. Other times i can tell that it's just soaking in to them and that's when JOY explodes. :)--j


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