Friday, January 30, 2009

This 'n That...

Neil's gone. i hate when Neil's gone. Things happen, like our credit card quits working, i have booked dentist appointments, the kids have music lessons, jams, we plan a trip to edmonton... & then... *poof*... he has to be in Las Vegas sending me a pic like this from the airplane:

& saying 'sorry, no time to phone, it's 17 degrees here... going golfing...'
i swear... i've gotten in trouble for calling his "business trips" "holidays" - but really... :)

(An aside - is that a reflection of his wedding ring in that pic? & if so... awwww...)

Anyway... we're having fun here too -

* i got my first organic produce bin delivered & it looks awesome.

* i decided to be a hero & still take the kids to Edmonton even without Neil. Eeeek! Praying for good roads...

* At the dentist today, they gave me a referral to take Sloanie to the orthodontist?! They said that she has a funny bite & that her space in her front teeth needs correction... hmmm. That surprised me.

*Annnnnd.... here are some pics of Cai's room makeover.


Jen said...

oooh! looks like summer with all those yummy looking veggies!
loooving Cairo's room - fun green door!
hope you have a fun & good trip to Edmonton!

Prvbs31Mama said...

I love the green in Cai's room!! And good for you for going to Edmonton! Have fun!!!
Can't wait to make my own order from Spuds next week!!! yay!

Vanessa said...

Oooh! Those veggies look beautiful! Where do you get them? Love, love, LOVE Cai's room!! Looks so bright and comfy and cheery! Have a safe trip to Edmonton!

deborah said...

oooh! I didn't realize you decided to try the veggies - I'm curious did you go with spud or farm fresh?
Cai's room looks great! I like the cubbies.


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