Monday, February 2, 2009

Into Your Arms

Into Your Arms

On a warm July day – i was born, i was laid
into their arms…
i was held – i was loved, i was someone they’d dreamed of –
into their arms…
Two weeks later, she was born –
No one to love her – she was all alone –
In nobody’s arms – She was in nobody’s arms.

& i know you’ve got a plan
& i know you’d never let us slip through your hands
& i know the waters part at your command
i wanna be - i wanna be....
in your arms.

i was led straight to you – there was nothing else to do
straight into your arms
& i couldn’t help but know – that you’d never let me go –
into your arms...
How could she trust you? Would you let her down?
When she fell would you leave her layin' on the ground – or take her
into your arms? Please, into your arms...

vs 3 (bridge, whatever ;)
You kept whispering tender songs
‘till she knew that she was where she belonged –
in your arms...
She’s in your arms

1 comment:

Mindy said...

Beautiful. I'd love to hear it someday...


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