Monday, February 16, 2009

i regret

i regret throwing away all my poetry that i wrote in highschool. It was in my journals (i had kept a journal since grade 3 & i had them all & i chucked them in a mighty purge when i got married...)

Anyway, i spent about a week re-reading all my journals before i threw them away. i don't really regret throwing them away - tho i don't think i realized at the time how quickly my own children would be in those years & how interesting it might be to see if i could get inside my own pre-teen/ teen head to better parent them?? Probably not, they're so different than i was...

Anyway - near the end (ages maybe 16-17?) there was a ton of poetry, drawings, etc... & i remember thinking (as a mature 20 year old) how 95% of it was drivel... but that there was the redeeming 5%... i wish i would have just pulled out those ones that seemed half decent. Just that little bit would be nice to have kept. i'm a little more merciful with my teen self now than i was at 20.


jessica jespersen said...


mamalena said...

Dad presented me with something I had written at around 15 or 16 a couple of weeks ago....and I was a little find I really had not changed all that much. =) (don't know how that found it's way into his archives)

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