Tuesday, February 3, 2009

a dream

i'm a dreamer.

i've always dreamed a lot. i still have 2 dreams from very early childhood that i remember in vivid detail.

i think sometimes God has given me dreams...

i know... sounds hokey...

Two nights ago, i prayed for a dream.

i don't usually do that - they just come -

but that night, i wanted to dream...

& i had one - & so i flicked on my lamp & wrote it down (i don't normally do that either, but since i had asked for a dream, i thought i'd better at least write it down lest morning come & like so often happens, the dream was gone...)

As i was drifting off again, i told God, "That wasn't exactly what i was looking for - y'know, i was looking for a clearer cut picture, something definite... something tangible... something i understand..."

So, this was the dream.

i was swimming around at the bottom of the ocean - kinda like a mermaid. i was all alone & it was pretty dim & dark - i wasn't sad though... just swimming around - normal.

Up ahead i saw a *giant* funnel. i knew that there would be air in the funnel. i swam over to the funnel & breathed for awhile before swimming off into the dim ocean again.

's it.

i don't get it either.


jessica jespersen said...

I already gave my huge interpretation haa! Keep on-a swimmin' Paige. This turmoil is not for your sake. smooches to my dreamy sister. ps. I think dreams are important, not hokey.-j

Anonymous said...

usually, i'm only lurking, but i had to comment on this one....
when it comes to interpretations of dreams the ocean is a symbol for your soul. the clearer the water, the more "settled" your soul is.
considering that your swimmed in the water, feeling safe and content, i would say, that you feel pretty settled and at inner peace with yourself.
i don't know if that helps....


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