Thursday, February 12, 2009

Zits & babies

So, yesterday i was reading my own blog.
i often just go & skim over my most recent posts - 's kinda fun 'cause i'm such a scatterbrain, i forget within moments what i've posted.
i came across Gage's one year birthday post.
& all of a sudden i thought - Where's my little baby?
& i said that to the girls who were reading over my shoulder & they said, "WE'LL be your babies, mom!!"
yeh... with their little oily scalps & sweaty armpits...
i dunno - it's not quite the same...
It's still sweet - but somehow - just - different.
i am LOVING this new stage of motherhood. i know it's just begun (& i'm so achingly tired of people warning me about the teenage years & how horrible it's going to be & how my children will become rebellious, disrespectful lumps any day now...) - but so far, it has been hilariously awesome... When i tell people that, they just tell me 'well, wait till 15... wait till 17...' *impending doom & gloom*.
Bah humbug. i don't believe it.
My big girls are a joy to me. i love the unique people they are turning into. i love how when Neil used to joke - it went straight over their heads - but now suddenly they 'get' him.
Cai & i worked & worked on Pachelbel's Canon today - (& it sounded beautiful).
Sloanie thrilled Mollen by playing a game of memory with our new cards (thanks, jen :)
i think these awkward half child, half adult years will be full of fresh new experiences as parents.
& yeh...
They're still my babies.


jessica jespersen said...

Paige, I love that when I talk to you great sisters of mine i hear a fresh exciting perspective on mothering... spurring me on to enjoy everything. I'm only a few years behind you towards adolescent children and I'm so thankful to share this journey with such positive mamas.-j

Prvbs31Mama said...

I'm so like you Paige...I hate it when people go on and on about how horrible the teen years are going to be...that's BS. sigh. I'm looking forward to it! Even though I have a long ways to go and Silas is already eating me out of the house at the ripe age of

RosyJ said...

I LOooooove my teenage years!
I tell my guys all the time that WHO they are right now is amazing...truly amazing humans...and I love being with them!

mamalena said...

HA....that was really a big pet peeve of mine too...having everyone tell me that mine were no different than the worst juvenile deliquents out was just a matter of time. Every person is different...and some are blessed to grow up a lot more gracefully than others. Still no need to terrorize young mama's with everything that COULD go wrong. (or to condemn when it sometimes does) You can't really "brace yourself" anyhow, all you can do is your utmost as parents, and you know that they are not solely your workmanship either...they are Father's. All the good that you put in to in there...and it will be multiplied and augmented. Where would we be if we couldn't trust Him to be faithful to complete His work....? So like it all depends on you....but REST like it all depends on Father God.


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