Wednesday, February 11, 2009


My favourite movie - i think... is
The Truman Show.
Y'know that one from the late '90's with Jim Carrey... The premise sucked me in when i first heard about it... The main Character -Truman (true man) was adopted by a corporation & he has lived his entire life in a bubble being filmed for public entertainment.
As the story unfolds, Truman gets restless... & suspicious... & eventually becomes desperate for reality...
(Reminds me a little bit of Prince Rillian in The Silver Chair by CS Lewis).
The creator of the Truman show, "Cristoff" uses fear, inconvenience, literal road blocks, lies & comfort to keep Truman from wanting to escape his make-shift world - but in the end, as Truman is trying to escape in a teeny sailboat & the creator has orchestrated a horrific storm - Truman yells out, 'You're gonna have to kill me...'
It makes me cry when i've watched it (i actually bought it this year for my biggies to watch...)
Truth is worth more than comfort... than freedom from pain... than convenience.
Truth is worth fighting for... worth struggling & searching for... worth dying for.
Each one of us is Truman. Some of us choose to live in blissful ignorance. Some of us get curious, but are quickly pacified when something far less satisfying than truth is given in it's place. Some of us fight for truth - but quickly give up when we begin to count the possible cost.
& then... some will fight to the bitter end... sacrificing everything... to get at what matters most.

Jesus said, 'I am the way, the TRUTH and the life.' (John 14:6)

It sounds so trite - but there is a battle going on for each & every one of us. Truth isn't cheap. We don't just keep bumbling along & find it - because there are forces at work to keep truth from us. Relationship with Jesus is our reward when we find Truth...
& it is so worth it.
One of my prayers (for myself and for my children) is that we be caught when we sin. Sin loves the cover of shame & deceit. When the truth comes out & the sin is shown for what it is, repented of & forgiven - there are no longer any ties from that sin that can hold us back.

So, i have to continue to fight to let Truth prevail in my life. Fight the temptation to pretend to be something i'm not... fight the temptation to live in ignorance... & fight the poisonous lies & half truths that would keep me from relationship with God.


deborah said...

Now I feel like watching it again - it's been years since I've seen it.
You may be interested in our small group study - we're studying The Truth Project with Del Tackett. It's been fantastic so far.

paige said...

i'll have to try to remember to bring it to Kevin at awana tonight!

Mindy said...

Thank you for that!

jessica jespersen said...

You're right paige. Truth is worth it.

Luke said...

Great movie. And, yes, we should seek out Truth.



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