Friday, February 13, 2009


i remember as a little kid - we lived in Alberta & we would travel what seemed like YEARS to get out to BC to visit my mom's family & then the other direction for what seemed like YEARS to get to Saskatchewan to visit my dad's family. When i was really little, we had one of those station wagons where the back seat faces backwards. We didn't have to wear seat belts 'till we crossed the border into BC & we'd have our grubby feet all over the windows.
As little tiny girls, mom would buy us each one of those 'activity' books - & then later on, as we got bigger, she'd go to thrift stores & buy several of those Readers Digest condensed books & we'd pass 'em around 'till we'd read them all.
When we got bigger, we moved to BC, but it still felt like a long drive to get to Victoria where my mom's family was - & now, agonizingly long to get to Saskatchewan.
Yeh, i remember the squabbles & fights - & the long arm of the law coming into the backseat from the drivers seat - smacking whoever could be reached... & the dreaded threats of, "Do i have to pull over??!!" But, for the purposes of this post, i'm not gonna dwell there. :)
All those miles were covered with music. My mom taught us songs in 3 part harmony (there are 3 girls in my family) - teaching us first the melody & then choosing one of us to carry that, "& now, Jess, sing this with me..." & then, "k, paige, this is what i want you to sing..." "Steph, do you want to try this descant?"
Dad would add in a part too & the time passed a little quicker. When we were littler, she'd use rounds to teach us to hear parts, "one bottle of pop, two bottle of pop... Fish & chips & vinegar, vinegar, vinegar..." But i remember learning Christian Cowboy in the car... Other a cappella songs were A Mighty Fortress Is Our God, I Sing the Mighty Power of God, Fairest Lord Jesus, Songs in the Daytime, King Jesus is All... the list goes on & on...
But, eventually, we had had enough... (Did i mention how long of a drive it was??)
& Dad would break out the "tapes"... (Did i mention i was born in 1976? hehe)
Steve Green... Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir... Gaithers... Amy Grant... The Sloan Family Album - (just kidding, i don't ever remember listening to that on a trip, but maybe we did... ) i remember listening to some classical music one time & Jessie whispering in my ear to picture Sylvester chasing Tweety & it all coming alive in my mind & to my delight, fitting perfectly with the music.
But, my favourite was Keith Green.
Every time i'd hear his voice - it was full of passion. i remember one time, when i was in kindergarten, listening to Keith Green with my mom (my sisters were at school) - & my little heart just feeling like it ached...
i think that even as a little one - listening to this kind of music whetted my hunger & thirst for God.
So, today i broke out my CD of Keith Green - The Ministry Years. i'm hoping that my littles will be influenced the same way that i was when i was little. With parents constantly pointing to God... with consciences being gently reminded of Truth & with music that pulls their heartstrings a little closer to The One who loves them most.


Prvbs31Mama said...

you were allowed to listen to Amy Grant??? lucky! she was too rocky for my But we had lots of Chris Christian that we listened to...oh the memories! When we lived on the Island we made yearly trips to Sask. our big stationwagon with the same sort of seat as yours! Great fun!

Mindy said...

I was the biggest Amy Grant fan, ever. And before that, there was Psalty the Singing Songbook. Does anyone remember him?

paige said...

Very *early* Amy Grant :)

Anonymous said...

I went to at least one (maybe two) Keith Green concerts when I was with YWAM. His long afro hair just bounced up and down as he pounded on the piano keys... I have often wondered why he was killed in that plane crash with his two kids. Such a tragedy and where would he be now and what would his influence have been for the kingdom of God?? Never hear about his wife, Melody anymore. Wonder what became of her? And yes, I am old enough, Mindy to remember "Psalty the Songbook." Probably have a copy around somewhere... my Mum used to sell it!! Saskatchewan Cousin.

jessica jespersen said...

HEY! I broke out my Keith Green this week too... I need a new collection... i think it will be my third copy of the same music. I have the tapes now and they are warped but still affect me. We also listened to a lot of Steve Green, roger whitaker, John denver... and remember that old cowboy storyteller/singer?-j


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