Monday, February 9, 2009

a snapshot of 9:51

Neil is in his office. "Working" - he says that work doesn't feel like work 'cause he likes it so much. That's pretty cool.
me... we did history, bible, music this morning & then i spent a bunch of time sifting through music. - & now i'm at my computer with a snotty boy on my lap...
Cairo has been practicing her fiddle since we finished our morning school. Right now she's playing _Growlin' Old Man and Old Woman_.
Sloanie is reading her bible. Since Cai finished hers last year, Sloan has made that her goal for this year.
Peyton and Charter are doing Science Made Easy. Pretty soon i need to go & work one on one with them to get their schooly-school finished.
Mollen has put some new 'stuff' in her treasure box. She asks me, 'do i want to see?' It has tiny fake dollar bills in it, a mini helmet from the Super Bowl party Neil went to, 3 mini plastic butterflies, 2 cardboard cutout dresses, & a bunny wearing a dress that says, "Cairo" on it. She carefully replaces the lid & taps on it... obviously waiting for me to finish on the computer...
The teeny snotty boy on my lap is now playing peek-a-boo with Mollen who is popping up behind my back. Typing is becoming more & more of a challenge.
These are the moments that make up these sweet days...

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