Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Ever feel stuck?
Kinda distracted...
i've been feeling like that lately. Meals have been pretty lame at our house... Homeschooling is happening around me & when the kids ask me something - i find my answer more often than not is... "what did you say?"
i know it's a temporary state -
& in the past, i've found that in these waiting times - God has had something precious to show me.
So, i'm not panicking.
Music seems to me to be like a bridge sometimes.
When i feel stuck in the mud & the mire
- When i need Jesus to set my feet on a Rock & give me a firm place to stand.
Today, that song for me is This Is Our God. (Hillsong)
i am so grateful today for a Father who reaches down into my contemplative state & focuses my eyes yet again on *Himself* - the Author - the Finisher.
This is My God.
A faithful friend - who minds the fall of the tiny sparrow & who cares even more so for me.
This is My God.
The Giver of all good things & my Sustainer....
This is My God.
The One who lives in me... & gives me life...
This is My God.
So, i will take this time of distractedness & focus on the One who brings peace.
All else takes it's place as 'secondary'.
So, yeh... i'm stuck. & it's ok.
God has been Good to me.
i'll be moving right along as He leads.


deborah said...

Paige, I hear what you're saying. I have been in a rut lately too; it's so draining. I pray that it won't last long and God will show you what He has planned.

paige said...

Go listen then!! So good... i've been singing all day...


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