Thursday, February 26, 2009

weighed in the balance & found....

Mollen got a huge blistering infection where a hang nail went wrong. She had told me it hurt one night awhile ago & i had taken the nail clippers to it & even when she said, "it still hurts!!" i said, "it's good enough!" (thinking this was just a getting out of going to bed tactic... - she's really awesome at those..)
Anyway, today my dad was snuggling her (my mom & dad are here for a visit! Yippee!) & he bumped her toe & she almost shouted, "OUCH!! That's my owie toe!!" i thought that was quite a reaction for a little person who is usually as tough as nails, so i called her over. There was a huge white lump on it rimmed with red. i felt horrible. i went upstairs to get some hydrogen peroxide to clean the wound & as we walked back downstairs, Mollen informed me:
"i guess you're a bad mom after all..."
Yeh... weighed in the balance & found wanting.


Sherilyn said...

We ALL have done those things!!!

Prvbs31Mama said...

hehe, I've been guilty of the same thing...but sometimes when we KNOW our kids and how certain ones have drama king's hard to take them seriously sometimes...I can so picture her though saying

Mindy said...

Ouch! Just wait'll she's a mommy herself...


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