Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Music has always been that intrinsic force for me - that tugging thing that translated my heart and brought the depths to light.
Lately - i have been having a lesson about putting feelings into words.... letting my music become the silent movement of the blinking cursor across the screen as i examine the world around me - and see my Father's fingerprints over it all.
& it's as if for a moment - music has slipped aside - to allow written words to suffice.
Last week i finished the last little dribbles of edits that i could find... (thank you, K for your kind edits too!)
And my mama ordered me a copy of the new - (hopefully final) - proof...
My sister encouraged me to make a facebook page (called "40 weeks - a novel" -if you wanna find it...) to share my progress as this project enters it's final stages.
The first step it asks of you when you finish putting the page together is to 'invite your friends...'
That's where i stopped.
Shyly - tentatively - i clicked on my sisters' names... and my mom... and my dad...
With crimson cheeks - i shared it on my facebook wall....
a teeny offering to people i know well - & those i don't know as well either: "i think life is a precious gift from God... & i wrote a book about that."
& then i realize that this is the part i can't do. i don't wanna tell anyone to read it - or buy it. & that's gotta be ok.
i can write my book - i can shut myself in my house for a month solid - and tell a story and bare my soul - hoping that truth be found.
But God has never asked me yet to try to be marketable.
& so i'll leave my hands open - take or leave.
Come what may - offering my little songbook to the only Audience that really matters.
Yours, Father.


Treasured Grace said...

I have de-activated my facebook account but i REALLY want a copy of your book. Can you let me know how I can buy my own?
Thanks Paige, I'm so excited to read it! I loved the little "trailers" that you posted here.
Way to go!!!

paige said...

yup :) gonna post updates here toooo....

Treasured Grace said...



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