Friday, March 11, 2011


Neil: Paige, i'm so excited that...
(my heart starts pounding - he's going to acknowledge all my hard work in finishing my book. He's going to tell me how proud he is that i finished and ask if he can read it now... )
Neil:... that you said you're going to clean the house this afternoon!!
He smiles proudly and encouragingly at me and i burst out laughing.
He has no idea what's so funny.
But i got the dang house clean.


Vanessa said...

Wow!! So glad you could laugh!! :)

I'm afraid my response would have been a whole lot different!! :)

paige said...

heehee - he's *so* supportive in his ways though - He would have felt horrible if he knew what i was thinking... it's just funny 'cause he couldn't have known what i was thinking & he had the most encouraging look on his face like, "i'm *so* pleased with your for cleaning the house..." that i *had* to laugh :)
marriage is funny.

Jen said...

Too funny!

Marcy said...

ba haaa!! Very funny how our minds work...and our expectations. Kudos on both the clean house and the book!!

Rochelle said...

Hilarious! What is it with clean houses? :)


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