Friday, March 18, 2011

peaceful protest

We make our way to the abortion clinic in the light traffic of early afternoon.
My friend fills me in on the 'bubble zone' bylaws that keep us on the other side of the street from the unobtrusive brown building sitting on a busy street corner.

The parking lot is full.

"How do you want to do this?" We look at each other.
We walk the length of the fence and stop - in view of the back door that swings open - and shut - and open - and shut - as customers... hurting, broken people, file in and out.
We decide to walk the length of the block when our legs get stiff and cold - and while we walk - we talk; but when we reach the end of the fence - we stop - and we pray - until our knees and the chill in the air beg us to walk that length again.
i close my eyes - facing that brown building where enters life - and exits bleeding, empty wombs.
"Mercy, Father..."
We stop no one. There are no signs of protest other than our presence. There are no shouted angry words. There are just two mothers - soon joined by a grandmother - who walk the slushy sidewalks and pray for this generation that sees no better solution.


Lori-Dawn said...

That is so heart breaks and tears are flowing at the very thought of SEEING the women from across the street. Yes, YHVH have mercy and touch these women in their innermost parts, heal the pain that caused these decisions and draw them to YOU for comfort. What a blessing for you to be able to do this Paige!

Jen said...

I think the quiet prayerful protests are much more well meaning as the loud ones are.
Have you heard/read the story about the woman who used to work at an abortion clinic? I heard her testimony on Focus on the Family:{808BB4CB-0C78-4B14-9185-CA7B8D018DE1}
Her name is Abby Johnson (if the link doesn't work.)

Anonymous said...

Can I come?


Lesley said...

It is strange that you post about this now. I prayed about it just last night. Lx

mamazee said...

Good for you, Paige. That is what we did in Kelowna - it was prayer (and i would fast until i got home, too) the whole time, and God did let us talk to some people... It is a way for you to walk out your passion and to be ears/eyes/hands of God to someone...
I will pray for you. So grateful that this doesn't happen in my community. I mean, it happens in my town, but abortions aren't done here in town...


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