Tuesday, March 8, 2011

just before three

i took this picture a week or so ago as i sat checking my phone to see if Neil messaged me.
i think that one day, i'll forget the intricacies of how these days were put together. i wonder if i'll ever forget the amount of work that went into every single day? That seems to be the theme of my days lately: working... hard.
Will i remember the days where there were no breaks - combined with the nights where there was little sleep? Will i remember the way my muscles ached at the end of a good day - & the happy feeling that comes from a tidy house as i turn off the lights to head upstairs to bed, chores completed - having spent the day with my favourite seven people? Will i forget one day what it was like to have everyone under the same roof? Our house brimming with life and energy? i remember when i was little, my mom had a note taped to the thermostat, "if you're cold, vacuum." i guess i'm not cold much anymore... except maybe on a day like this:

i'm sitting 'cause i miss neil so i am sad. i'm wearing shoes 'cause it was -36C with windchill outside and i couldn't get warm... no matter how much vacuuming i did (that doesn't explain my son who is wearing a hoodie but no pants...) i'm wearing green socks 'cause they're awesome.
So, this is a typical afternoon. Sloanie working in her room, Ephraim finishing off his nap, Gagey trying to wreck Moll's book that she left out, Charter in his tortoisesque way finishing his LA, Cai practicing violin and Peyts phoning her bff...
See? Seven isn't so crowded... it's kinda nice - having all these sweet little friends.
Aren't you all glad Neil bought me a blackberry so i can snap pics for my blog?? i really should use my nice camera more...


Carol said...

Looks like such a relaxing scene in this photo!

Jen said...

Not that I am under-playing the busyness or hard work of having 7 kids, but whenever I visit your house never feels chaotic or crazy. Just a nice little hum of life. I love it! Whatever you are doing, it's awesome.


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